10 reasons why you should pay for window graphics and how much they cost

Do you already know window graphics are right for your business and simply want to know how much? Click here. Not sure if window graphics are right for you? Carry on reading…

Enhancing your presence on the high street and providing information to potential customers before they step through your front door cannot be a bad thing, surely?

Window graphics, window Contra Vision and window signs, are all versatile and cost-effective advertising solutions, and the beauty is they are accessible to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a big corporate business or trying to promote your village coffee shop, there is no doubt that advertising via your premises can raise awareness of your brand and increase sales.


10 reasons to make the leap and advertise your business via window graphics…

  1. Could increase foot traffic – people will instantly know what you do and more importantly, now that you stand out they will see you and come and buy from you
  2. It becomes a constant presence which will help with building your brand – even if people don’t need your services as they pass by you today, because of your clear messaging they will remember when they do need you
  3. Can be changed and updated easily – who doesn’t love versatility? A quick, easy way to promote your offers throughout the year
  4. Maximises your visual real estate – just like signwriting your car maximises your vehicle’s worth, window graphics maximise your visual real estate
  5. You won’t need to carry heavy signs to put outside your door every day and potentially annoy pedestrians
  6. Window vinyl’s have multiple uses, not only does it look great, but some materials can also provide UV protection, privacy and shade!
  7. Vinyl enhances the look of a building. A great looking building, entrance or space makes people happy. Happy people are more productive. Happy people make and spend more money
  8. If done in the right way, and you would like it to, an amazing and relevant window graphic can create waves on social media
  9. It’s cost-effective!
  10. Ozmedia are a friendly team who we know you will love working with, we also sell lots of other items to help with business promotion, so it’s good to have us in your contact list.


Feb, 2023

So how much does it cost?

Obviously, there are lots of factors that may affect the cost. How large your window space is? The type of material used, how many people it will take to install, and how long installation may take? Would you need artwork creating, or do you have artwork already? Do you need someone to come and take measurements? Therefore, it is difficult to give you an exact figure. 

What I can do is share some information on three projects we’ve fitted in the past couple of months. We can give an indication of budget and tell you what we did, and hopefully this will shed some light and help you to imagine what you might need and what It might cost.

Dentalist, Loughborough – Cost £1000 – £1500 

This was a fantastic job to get our hands on. A brand-new unit on the edge of Loughborough and the chance to dress the floor to ceiling windows with beautiful branding and clear marketing messages. We recommended Contra Vision, a self-adhesive window vinyl that is fully printable and applied to the outside of the windows. This material is perfect for when privacy is key. As well as cleverly creating a safe space for those inside the building, Contra Vision also allows amazing displays to be showcased to anyone passing by. Some people ask if this makes it dark when you’re inside, the answer is no. Light still gets in normally and the view from the inside out, remains clear, pretty much like looking through a very slightly tinted window. The window graphics covered all 19 windows and were printed and installed by Ozmedia.

Kia Garage, Loughborough – Cost £400 – £500

This job was for a local car showroom who needed help with replacing their old logos with new ones. They used frosted vinyl, a smart, unique and subtle look that doesn’t compromise light getting into the building. The job required logos to be installed onto the inside of 11 of the showroom windows and additional branding for their meeting room wall. This was a great opportunity for us to showcase our large format print expertise to a customer who had previously used our vehicle branding services.

Compassion Care, Sileby – Cost £250 – £350 

It was great to help a client based in one of our local villages. We measured up the window space, designed the artwork and printed and applied window graphics to the inside of her shop window. Because we fitted the graphics to the inside of the window, we needed to print the graphics in reverse, this ensures the messages appeared the correct way round when viewed from the outside, an added benefit also being the vinyl is protected from weather and external vandalism. In addition, we printed a sign on the side of the building. Compassion Care wanted to display each of their services clearly and without fuss to the outside passers-by, and coloured vinyl was the perfect way to do help them do this on a budget.

Do you have any further questions about window graphics?

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We would love to help get your message out there by using and enhancing the business premises you already have.

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