A Comprehensive Guide for Schools When Ordering Print: Your Top Questions Answered

In the fast-paced world of education, every resource counts. From classroom materials to school event promotions, effective print solutions are essential for teachers and school administrators alike. But before you dive into the world of print, it’s natural to have questions. We have put together a list of some of the most asked questions, including ‘Do you provide a discount for schools ordering print?’ and have taken our time to provide thoughtful answers that we really do hope can help you make informed decisions when ordering print for your school.

1. What Print Materials Should I Order From Where? The range of print materials needed by schools is vast. Each serves a specific purpose, and it can be overwhelming working out what to by from whom.

Answer: It’s crucial to identify what your school requires to enhance the learning experience. Start by assessing your school’s curriculum, events, and promotional needs. Collaborate with teachers and administrators to create a comprehensive list of necessary print materials. Prioritise materials that support your educational goals and enhance the school environment. Think about textbooks, workbooks, teacher planners, certificates, posters, banners, and more. Each serves a specific purpose, and it’s crucial to identify what your school requires to enhance the learning experience. But you may also benefit from large format printed signs and roller banners. Perhaps you have school vehicles you can brand? Or maybe your website needs updating, or you require a classroom refresh on a budget. We can help with all the above and more! In the unlikely event there is something that for any reason we cannot help you with we will happily point you in the right direction of someone who we believe could help you.

2. How Can I Ensure Print Materials Are High-Quality and Durable? Print materials in a school setting need to withstand the test of time. From the constant handling of textbooks to posters on display throughout the year, durability is essential.

Answer: Ozmedia is a reputable print provider that specialises in educational materials, and we understand the need for quality and longevity. Consider options like laminating important materials and using high-quality paper stock to ensure durability.

3. Can I Customise Print Materials to Reflect Our School’s Brand and Values? Branding and identity are essential for schools. Customising print materials with your school’s logo, colours, and mission statement can create a strong sense of identity and unity.

Answer: Yes, you can! We can easily incorporate your school’s branding guidelines into your print materials.

4. How Do I Manage Bulk Printing for Cost-Effectiveness?

Budgets are often tight in educational institutions, so finding cost-effective solutions is crucial. Bulk printing can be a viable option, but how do you manage it efficiently?

Answer: Be upfront about budget constraints and the printing volume required. Ozmedia can advise you on the most cost-effective way to print materials in bulk. Consider ordering in larger quantities when you know you’ll need materials over an extended period. Ozmedia can also help if you require storage so don’t hesitate to ask about this service if this is something you require.

5. Are There Eco-Friendly Printing Options Available? Many schools are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. Is it possible to order print materials that are environmentally friendly?

Answer: Absolutely! We offer numerous, eco-friendly printing options, such as using recycled paper and eco-friendly ink and products that will biodegrade over time. We love to help customers reduce their school’s carbon footprint while keeping their conscience clear and still obtaining high-quality print materials.

6. How Can I Ensure Print Materials Are Delivered on Time? Timing is crucial, especially when you’re preparing for the start of the school year or a specific event. How can you guarantee that your print materials arrive when you need them?

Answer: It is important to establish clear timelines and deadlines for your projects. We work hard to achieve punctual delivery and will always ensure there’s a contingency plan in place in case of any unforeseen delays.

7. Can I Get Assistance with Design and Layout? Not everyone in the education sector has design expertise. Is it possible to get help with designing and formatting your print materials?

Answer: Yes, we offer design services and have produced many educational materials over the years and would be happy to bring your vision to life effectively.

8. What Are the Best Practices for Storing and Organising Print Materials?Once you have your print materials, it’s essential to store and organise them efficiently to prevent damage or loss. What are the best practices for this?

Answer: Designate a specific storage area for print materials and use appropriate containers or shelving. Keep an inventory log to track quantities and reorder when necessary. Store materials in a cool, dry place to prevent damage. If needed, Ozmedia can also store materials for you and dispatch as needed, this means you can order larger quantities without the worry of needing the extra storage.

9. How Do I Handle Reorders and Updates to Print Materials? Over time, you may need to reorder or update certain print materials, such as textbooks or workbooks. What’s the best way to manage this process?

Answer: Maintain open communication with your print provider. They can help you manage reorders and updates efficiently. Regularly assess the effectiveness of materials and make updates as needed to ensure they remain relevant and valuable.

10. Do You Provide Discounts for Schools Ordering Print? Budget constraints are a common challenge for schools. How can you help us stay within our budget when ordering print materials?

Answer: While we don’t have specific discounts for school printing, we are more than willing to work closely with you to advise on how best to keep printing costs down. For instance, we may ask you to consider options like digital printing for smaller quantities of print and reserve offset printing for bulk orders to help you optimise costs, we also offer free storage of print for schools and charities if this is something they require. Finally, we also advise that you start by creating a clear budget allocation for print materials and that you also request quotes from multiple print providers to compare pricing. If you need details of other printers in the area, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Our goal is to ensure you get the most value from our services while maintaining quality. If you have any specific questions or would like to discuss cost-saving strategies, please feel free to reach out, and we’ll be happy to assist.

In conclusion, ordering print materials for schools involves a series of considerations and decisions. By asking the right questions and seeking informed answers, you can ensure that your school’s print materials support your educational goals, align with your brand, and meet your budgetary needs effectively.

Do you have any more questions or concerns about ordering promotional print?

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Sep, 2023

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