Advantages of Poster Advertising

With today’s continuous advancement in technology, strategic marketing now offers a wide range of choice for communicating with a target market. That said, advertising through printed posters still remains one of the simplest yet beneficial options. With just a carefully considered visual design, colours and copy, posters can be a powerful promotional technique that leads to successful sales.

Here are a few reasons why printed posters are a good investment for increasing brand recognition and conveying an effective message:Cost-effectiveness

Compared with other forms of advertising, creating and distributing posters is by far the most inexpensive option. Posters are relatively cost-effective when bought in bulk and you have the option to hire a poster distributor or simply ask your employees or volunteers to hang them up for you at no additional cost.


Do not be afraid to hang multiple posters in one location so they can be viewed by as many people as possible to convey your message and increase your brand’s visibility.

Flexible location

One of the biggest advantages of printed posters is that they can be used to gain the attention of a particular market sector. Strategically choose the most effective locations to hang or distribute your posters to your prospective audience. Be mindful of laws and restrictions that may prevent posters from being displayed in certain areas.

Active response

A well- placed poster with a strong message, whether asking a potential customer to make a phone call, visiting a shop or navigating through a website, sends a clear message to your target audience inspiring them to be active and convert into customers.

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September, 2018

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