Avoid These eCommerce Mistakes

Three common mistakes when running an eCommerce website and how to avoid them.

1. Insufficient Security

If your website is lacking an SSL certificate it could be a red flag to any potential customers. It’s easy to tell if this is the case too, as all visitors need to look for is the little padlock and ‘https’ written next to your URL. Without this, potential clients may not trust your site with their private data, leading them to look elsewhere.

2. Poor web design

A poorly designed site makes it difficult to find the information you want, so customers may give up before making a purchase. Make sure it is clear how much products cost or what your returns policy is. It’s also worth investing in professional graphic design, as an eCommerce site with fantastic design will inspire confidence.

3. Lacking mobile compatibility

With smartphone technology increasingly on the rise, many people are looking to make purchases on the move. If your eCommerce website isn’t optimised to work on portable devices, you may lose a lot of sales. More and more people are getting on board with Apple pay and e-wallets, make sure you aren’t limiting purchases to laptops and desktops only, this way you won’t fall behind in an industry that’s becoming increasingly focused on smaller screens.

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May, 2019

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