Brand Styling
Striking designs for print, innovative design for the web.
Logo & Branding
Starting your business and need to look the part online and offline?
We will work with your brief to create a design that will form the foundations of your brand identity. This is not necessarily limited to just one design; we can provide a number of potential logos to give you a choice of which you feel will best represent you. If you want to go one step further, we will put together your Brand Guidelines to ensure your message is delivered with consistency.
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Print templates - Ozmedia UK
Edit a ready made design
If you’re in a hurry or don’t want or need to commission a bespoke design.
If you need a need a professionally designed item, you can select from thousands of ready made, professionally designed templates, and just edit to personalise with details and pictures and order online whenever you like.
So, where is the best place to get my print?
Our answer is check out Ozmedia Print Shop, or if you’re not sure of your 170gsm from your 280gsm, pop in and see us in Loughborough and have a feel of our wares. We’ll listen to your needs, provide advice, and make our recommendations from there.

You can also call us on 01509 210 260 or submit our contact form to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.


Low fixed pricing

Over a million options are already priced, and priced to sell. Choose your options and get an instant price.

HD reproduction

We print your order in Hi-Definition meaning that text is razor-sharp and photos have eye-popping clarity.

Super fast turnaround

We can dispatch same day if you’re in a rush, or save even more money if you’ve been uber-organised.
Get started
Contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

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