How to get extraordinary results

By doing things out of the ordinary

Local businesses in Loughborough and across the country are fighting back against the internet by providing customer experiences that simply cannot be delivered online.

The physical, tangible, real life interactions that happen when you meet someone are invaluable to a relationship. That’s why networking events, shows and exhibitions work so well as a platform to win new business.

July, 2017

What about existing customers?

Maybe it’s time to host a private event for them. The summer’s a great time to bring people together. To show how you can help. To make them more loyal. To encourage them to rave about what they’ve learned or what they saw. Heaven forbid, to sell something more to them.

But what kind of event? How about a talk from an industry expert? Or a cat walk of new styles. A tasting or sampling evening. A reveal of new technology. A family fun day. A ‘how-to’ class or tutorial. Even just a party to say thank you.

Not got space? Partner with a local café – maybe they’d welcome extra business after hours. Or talk to a local restaurant about doing a morning meeting, when they’re normally closed.

Doing something different takes a bit of extra effort but it works. Don’t be mediocre. Stand out from the crowd and GET OUT there today.

Make Them Come - Ozmedia UK

Make them come

First things first. The invites. For an intimate event, mail something fancy. For a VIP look, your invites should match the experience. Opt for Opuleaf gold or silver foil or StarMarque spot gloss highlights to impress. For a larger event, leaflets inserted into the local paper or pushed through letterboxes will be appropriate.

Be a social butterfly. Multiply your message by posting the event on social media. Get people interested and build the buzz.

Manage Your Guest List - Ozmedia UK

Manage your guest list

Keeping track of who’s coming is a faff. There’s an easier way. Online booking.

Whether you charge for tickets, or give them away free, ask attendees to register online. That way you know who’s coming, how many pies to buy and how many bottles of prosecco to chill.

If we’ve built your website, let’s design an event landing page.

If your site is hosted elsewhere, let’s create an event microsite instead.

Both cost less than you might think, can increase engagement and save time.

We’ll set up an event dashboard so you can manage your event. Get notifications. Take payment online. Automatically send e-tickets with barcodes. Even download a phone app to check-in guests.

Get Social - Ozmedia UK

Get social

Make it easy for people to share live photos at your event. Put up a selfie wall featuring your hashtag. Create a buzz on social media, so people who couldn’t make it this time will want to come next time.

Create A Spectacle - Ozmedia UK

Create a spectacle

We’re all a bit nosey. Make guests feel privileged to be invited and make passers by wonder what they’re missing out on.

Block out your windows with fabric and “closed for VIP event” posters. Stick a pair of flags either side of your door. Put some dramatic lighting outside. Turn up the tunes. Get them excited on arrival.

Navigate the Crowd - Ozmedia UK

Navigate the crowd

If your event is easy to find, great. But sometimes you might need to point people in the right direction.

Use wall or floor graphics to lead people. For busy spaces, use freestanding displays. An Axe is tall and slender, or create a talking, moving display – attach a smart TV to a Peacock and plug in a USB stick.

Create A Booth - Ozmedia UK

Create a booth

Use a booth to zone off and create a private ares. Perfect for rendezvous and storytelling. Set the scene and create the mood. Accent with old furniture.

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