How signage can support your online marketing strategy

In today’s world, there is a greater focus than ever on having a strong online presence. While this is incredibly important, many retailers are failing to support their online marketing efforts by having outdated or ineffective signage. Quality signage has the power to elevate a business to a new level and boost a company’s branding.

How can a business utilise signage

1. Encourage physical sales

Even with the most effective online marketing campaigns, the only way to turn online interest into physical sales is by having an attractive, compelling store and storefront. Online shopping is often considered to be more convenient than physical shopping, so stores must offer customers an enjoyable shopping experience to encourage them to enter their store, this can be achieved with attractive, creative signage.

2. Build a brand identify

Having a coherent and harmonious online image must be backed by an equally aesthetic physical store. For example, if the graphic design of your website follows a certain colour scheme, ensure this colour scheme continues in physical store signage to further build a strong brand identity.

3. Encourage footfall

As powerful as online marketing may be, nothing can beat the power of signage for encouraging spontaneous footfall into a store. Signage can be designed to capture the interest of pedestrians, for example, signage that indicates a sale or creates mystery about a brand can convince individuals walking by a store to enter and make a purchase.

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June, 2019

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