Importance of Having Effective Web Design

Is your website pretty as a picture? Looks are important, but it’s not all about being flashy. There’s no point in your website just being beautiful if it’s not also effective as a marketing tool. Good website designs are more than just creating a sleek image for your brand. It has to provide an enjoyable user experience, and it needs to help you sell your products or services. Maybe your website is currently attractive on the surface but reveals itself to be a bit of a fraud as soon as you look closer. There are some crucial reasons to make sure your site has an effective design. We have listed these below.


An attractive website looks great – but it’s no use being handsome if you’re confusing and can’t take instructions. Usability is essential for your website, and any good designer will make sure that your site is a pleasure to use for all your visitors. One of the most important factors today is to have a responsive website. Everyone uses their favourite devices, whether they’re dedicated Apple users or are partial to an Android phone. Mobile traffic is on the rise, so your website needs to adapt to whatever device your visitors are using. Your site needs to be fast and easy to navigate.

A Clear Sales Funnel

Your website is there to sell your products or services. It needs to persuade people to choose you and not your competition. Any good website design will lead visitors in the right direction, using images, video, calls to action and other tools that will attract peoples attention. Your website is part of your sales funnel, helping you to collect leads or maybe to sell directly to your visitors.

Clear Brand Image

Your website is a marketing tool – like an online, interactive brochure or flyer. It’s there to convince people to buy your products or services, but also to boost your brand. Your business needs a strong identity, and your website is an effective tool to help you build it. Your website builder should help you to put your brand on display, creating a consistent image across the board. If you have brand logos, colours and fonts make sure they appear on your website.

Search Engine Readiness

It’s all about search engines when you design a website. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about images to use, written content or how fast your site is. It all comes back to SEO and getting your website found in search engine results. Effective website design doesn’t just keep people on your website – it takes them there in the first place. The way your site is designed will have an effect on how search engines will view it. It also influences how long people stay on your site, which will affect your SEO performance.

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June, 2018

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