Top Principles of Effective Web Design

Are you planning to build a new website or revamp your existing one? These fresh web design principles may just pave the way for your brand new and better-performing website. Check them out.

User experience

First of all, let’s talk about user experience. Knowing your target audience and what they expect from a website is the secret to effective web design. What are your visitors expecting when they go to your website? Do they visit for informative articles, entertainment or to shop or avail of your services directly?

Brand image

Your business website should be reflective of your brand image. This should be consistent throughout the whole site, from design, typography, images, colour palette and especially in your content. Effective web design should incorporate the company’s colours, logos and taglines for establishing brand identity in your customers’ visual memory. The legibility of fonts, the colour harmony and the appropriateness of images used are all crucial in increasing user engagement.


According to statistics, smartphone users all over the world are expected to skyrocket to 2.87 billion, from 2.1 billion in 2016. Currently, more than half or at least 61. 2 per cent are using their mobile devices to surf the Internet and data shows the numbers will continuously rise in the years to come. That being said, it should be a priority to have your business website mobile-ready. Additionally, Google has recently revealed that mobile-friendly websites are given priority when it comes to search rankings.

Web Design Company in Leicester

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January, 2019

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